I am the API Evangelist, and this is my API Stack. These are profiles of the APIs that I depend on to operate the API Evangelist network.

With my API Stack, I am focusing on generating APIs.json indexes of APIs that are defined using OADF and API Blueprint. You can access a single APIs.json for this site, and then spider a list of APIs.json entries for each company, which will then give you links to each API, any supporting Swagger, API Blueprint, and other building blocks of each API's operations.

I will be working to evolve this definition, and establish services and tooling to help validate and certify APIs.json, OADF, and API Blueprint files. All work is conducted via this Github repository, with the conversation around work conducted for each company, possessing its own Github Issue. All other support for this project will be done through the project's Github issues, and regular Github workflow.

Currently working with 34 companies, with 410 APIs with OADF files available--you can access full APIs.json for this API collection in the root of the website.

3Scale Account Management API
3Scale Analytics API
3Scale Billing API
3scale Service Management API
Alchemy Author Extraction API
Alchemy Authors Extraction API
Alchemy Combined Call API
Alchemy Concept Tagging API
Alchemy Entity Extraction API
Alchemy Face Detection API
Alchemy Feed Detection API
Alchemy Image Link Extraction API
Alchemy Keyword and Term Extraction API
Alchemy Language Detection API
Alchemy Microformats Parsing API
Alchemy News API
Alchemy Publication Date Extraction API
Alchemy Relation Extraction API
Alchemy Sentiment Analysis API
Alchemy Taxonomy API
Alchemy Text Extraction (RAW) API
Alchemy Text Extraction API
Alchemy Title Extraction API
Amazon Web Services
Amazon EC2 Account Attributes API
Amazon EC2 AMIs API
Amazon EC2 AWS Marketplace API
Amazon EC2 Bundle Tasks API
Amazon EC2 ClassicLink API
Amazon EC2 Customer Gateways (Amazon VPC) API
Amazon EC2 Dedicated Hosts API
Amazon EC2 DHCP Options (Amazon VPC) API
Amazon EC2 Elastic Block Store API
Amazon EC2 Elastic IP Addresses API
Amazon EC2 Elastic Network Interfaces (Amazon VPC) API
Amazon EC2 Instances API
Amazon EC2 Internet Gateways (Amazon VPC) API
Amazon EC2 Key Pairs API
Amazon EC2 NAT Gateways (Amazon VPC) API
Amazon EC2 Network ACLs (Amazon VPC) API
Amazon EC2 Placement Groups API
Amazon EC2 Regions and Availability Zones API
Amazon EC2 Reserved Instances API
Amazon EC2 Route Tables (Amazon VPC) API
Amazon EC2 Security Groups API
Amazon EC2 Spot Fleets API
Amazon EC2 Spot Instances API
Amazon EC2 Subnets (Amazon VPC) API
Amazon EC2 Tags API
Amazon EC2 Virtual Private Gateways (Amazon VPC) API
Amazon EC2 VM Export API
Amazon EC2 VM Import API
Amazon EC2 VPC Endpoints (Amazon VPC) API
Amazon EC2 VPC Flow Logs API
Amazon EC2 VPC Peering Connections (Amazon VPC) API
Amazon EC2 VPCs (Amazon VPC) API
Amazon EC2 VPN Connections (Amazon VPC) API
Amazon RDS Cluster API
Amazon RDS DB Engine API
Amazon RDS Events API
Amazon RDS Instance API
Amazon RDS Option Group API
Amazon RDS Parameter Group API
Amazon RDS Security Group API
Amazon RDS Snapshot API
Amazon RDS Subnet Group API
Amazon RDS Tags API
Amazon RDS Utility API
Amazon S3
AngelList Accreditation API
AngelList Comments API
AngelList Follows API
AngelList Jobs API
AngelList Like API
AngelList Me API
AngelList Messages API
AngelList Paths API
AngelList Press API
AngelList Reviews API
AngelList Search API
AngelList Startups API
AngelList Status Updates API
AngelList Tags API
AngelList Users API
API Science
API Science API
APIMetrics Auth API
APIMetrics Calls API
APIMetrics Deployments API
APIMetrics Reports API
APIMetrics Tokens API
APIMetrics Workflows API
Bitly Domains API
Bitly Link API
Bitly Link Metrics API
Bitly Organization Metric API
Bitly User API
Bitly User Metrics API
CloudFlare App Subscription API
CloudFlare Custom Pages for a Zone API
CloudFlare Custom SSL for a Zone API
CloudFlare DNS Records for a Zone API
CloudFlare Firewall access rule for a Zone API
CloudFlare Keyless SSL for a Zone API
CloudFlare Organization Invites API
CloudFlare Organization Members API
CloudFlare Organization Roles API
CloudFlare Organization-level Firewall access rule API
CloudFlare Organizations API
CloudFlare Railgun API
CloudFlare Railgun connections for a Zone API
CloudFlare User API
CloudFlare User Billing History API
CloudFlare User Billing Profile API
CloudFlare User-level Firewall access rule API
CloudFlare Users Invites API
CloudFlare Users Organizations API
CloudFlare WAF Rule Groups API
CloudFlare WAF Rule Packages API
CloudFlare WAF Rules API
CloudFlare Zone Analytics API
CloudFlare Zone API
CloudFlare Zone Plan API
CloudFlare Zone Settings API
CloudFlare Zone Subscription API
Disqus Blacklists API
Disqus Categories API
Disqus Forums API
Disqus Imports API
Disqus Posts API
Disqus Threads API
Disqus Users API
Disqus Whitelists API
Docker Remote Authentication API
Docker Remote Build API
Docker Remote Commit API
Docker Remote Containers API
Docker Remote Events API
Docker Remote Exec API
Docker Remote Images API
Docker Remote Info API
Docker Remote Ping API
Docker Remote Version API
Dropbox Core API
Dropbox for Business API
Eventbrite Categories API
Eventbrite Events API
Eventbrite Formats API
Eventbrite Media API
Eventbrite Orders API
Eventbrite Organizers API
Eventbrite System API
Eventbrite Users API
Eventbrite Venue API
Eventbrite Webhooks API
Facebook Graph (Achievement Type) API
Facebook Graph (Achievement) API
Facebook Graph (Album) API
Facebook Graph (App Link Host) API
Facebook Graph (App Request) API
Facebook Graph (Application Context) API
Facebook Graph (Application) API
Facebook Graph (Comment) API
Facebook Graph (Conversation) API
Facebook Graph (Debug Token) API
Facebook Graph (Domain) API
Facebook Graph (Event) API
Facebook Graph (Friend List) API
Facebook Graph (Friendlist) API
Facebook Graph (Group Doc) API
Facebook Graph (Group) API
Facebook Graph (Life Event) API
Facebook Graph (Link) API
Facebook Graph (Mailing Address) API
Facebook Graph (Message) API
Facebook Graph (Milestone) API
Facebook Graph (Notification) API
Facebook Graph (Object Insights) API
Facebook Graph (Offer) API
Facebook Graph (Open Graph Action Type) API
Facebook Graph (Open Graph Context) API
Facebook Graph (Open Graph Object Type) API
Facebook Graph (Page Call To Action) API
Facebook Graph (Page) API
Facebook Graph (Payment) API
Facebook Graph (Photo) API
Facebook Graph (Place Tag) API
Facebook Graph (Place) API
Facebook Graph (Post) API
Facebook Graph (Profile) API
Facebook Graph (Promotion Info) API
Facebook Graph (Request) API
Facebook Graph (Status) API
Facebook Graph (Test User) API
Facebook Graph (Thread) API
Facebook Graph (URL) API
Facebook Graph (User Context) API
Facebook Graph (User) API
Facebook Graph (Video Broadcast) API
Facebook Graph (Video List) API
Facebook Graph (Video) API
Flickr Activity API
Flickr Authentication API
Flickr Blogs API
Flickr Cameras API
Flickr Collections APIs
Flickr Commons API
Flickr Contacts API
Flickr Favorites API
Flickr Galleries API
Flickr Groups API
Flickr Interestingness aPI
Flickr Machine Tags API
Flickr Panda API
Flickr People API
Flickr Photos API
Flickr Photosets API
Flickr Places API
Flickr Preferences API
Flickr Push API
Flickr Reflection API
Flickr Stats API
Flickr Tags API
Flickr Test API
Flickr URLs API
FullContact Account Stats API
FullContact Batch Process API
FullContact Card Reader API
FullContact Company API
FullContact Email API
FullContact Icon API
FullContact Location API
FullContact Name API
FullContact Person API
Github Accounts API
Github Events API
Github Gists API
Github Issues API
Github Networks API
Github Organzations API
Github Reports API
Github Repositories API
Github Teams API
Github Users API
Calendar API
Compute Engine API
Gmail API
Google Container Engine API
Google Spreadsheets
Tag Manager API
URL Shortener API
Gumroad API
Instagram Geographies API
Instagram Locations API
Instagram Media API
Instagram Tags API
Instagram Users API
LinkedIn Comments API
LinkedIn Companies API
LinkedIn Groups API
LinkedIn Jobs API
LinkedIn People API
LinkedIn Posts API
Meetup Abuse API
Meetup Batch API
Meetup Boards API
Meetup Categories API
Meetup Cities API
Meetup Comments API
Meetup Dashboard API
Meetup Events API
Meetup Feeds API
Meetup Groups API
Meetup Members API
Meetup Meta API
Meetup Notifications API
Meetup Oembed API
Meetup Photos API
Meetup Pro API
Meetup Profiles API
Meetup Streams API
Meetup Topics API
Meetup Venues API
The Noun Project Collection API
The Noun Project Collections API
The Noun Project Icon API
The Noun Project Icons API
The Noun Project User API
OpenCorporates API
Pinboard API
Pop Up Archive
Pop Up Archive Collections API
Pop Up Archive Items API
Pop Up Archive Search API
Reddit Account API
Reddit Catpcha API
Reddit Flair API
Reddit Gold API
Reddit Links & Comments API
Reddit Listings API
Reddit Live Threads API
Reddit Miscellaneous API
Reddit Moderation API
Reddit Multis API
Reddit Private Messages API
Reddit Search API
Reddit Subreddits API
Reddit Users API
Runscope API
Slack Authentication API
Slack Channels API
Slack Chat API
Slack Do Not Disturb API
Slack Emoji API
Slack Files API
Slack Groups API
Slack Instant Message API
Slack Multiparty Direct Messages API
Slack OAuth API
Slack Pins API
Slack Reactions API
Slack Real Time Messaging API
Slack Search API
Slack Stars API
Slack Team API
Slack Testing API
Slack User Groups API
Slack Users API
SoundCloud API
SoundCloud Comments API
SoundCloud Groups API
SoundCloud Me API
SoundCloud Playlists API
SoundCloud Tracks API
SoundCloud Users API
Stack Exchange
Stack Exchange Answers API
Stack Exchange Badges API
Stack Exchange Comments API
Stack Exchange Events API
Stack Exchange Info API
Stack Exchange Posts API
Stack Exchange Privileges API
Stack Exchange Questions API
Stack Exchange Revisions API
Stack Exchange Search API
Stack Exchange Suggested Edits API
Stack Exchange Tags API
Stack Exchange Users API
Twitter Account API
Twitter Application API
Twitter Blocks API
Twitter Collections API
Twitter Curator API
Twitter Direct Messages API
Twitter Favorites API
Twitter Followers API
Twitter Friends API
Twitter Friendships API
Twitter Geo API
Twitter Help API
Twitter Lists API
Twitter Mutes API
Twitter Saved Searches API
Twitter Search API
Twitter Status API
Twitter Trends API
Twitter Users aPI